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Classic Wedding Car – Daimler DS420 Landaulette

Classic Wedding Car - Daimler DS420 LandauletteDaimler Landaulette is a luxury classic wedding car. It also has an interesting history. First known for manufacturing tough and powerful vehicles, in 1908 Daimler started to specialize in producing refined automobiles for discriminating purchasers.

The Daimler cars, with their intricate construction and fine detailing, became affordable only by the very rich. England’s King Edward VII ordered one of the first models, and the royal family became Daimler’s faithful customers for many years to come.

In the Daimler Landaulette, the back passenger portion of the vehicle is covered with a concertina type convertible roof, styled after a horse-drawn carriage.

The roof can be taken down on sunny days and can be quickly put back up if the weather turns.

The name “landaulette” appears to be acquired, in France, from a coach type that originally was called a “Londoner”. The -ette ending is a French language construct to transform a noun to female.


About Daimler DS420 Landaulette – Classic Wedding Car

The Daimler DS420 Landaulette Classic Wedding Car is a large and luxurious limousine, very popular with the Heads of State.

It is able to accommodate up to seven passengers when the occasional seats are used, and can offer a lot of space for the Bride and Groom when these seats are stowed away.

The car has a privacy screen between the main cabin and the chauffeur and it also has a beautiful walnut cocktail cabinet to add that final touch of class.

U2R1 Wedding Cars - Daimler DS 420 rear view with roof downU2R1 Wedding Cars Daimler Landaulette InteriorU2R1 Wedding Cars - Daimler DS420 - interior with bride on backseatU2R1 Wedding Cars Daimler LandauletteU2R1 Wedding Cars - DAIMLER Landaulette with wedding coupleU2R1 Wedding Cars - DAIMLER LandauLlette  with ribbons

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